A Free Verse Poem

I’m trapped

And they’re here

Surrounding me

Suffocating me

They are not familiar

But I know I’ve seen them

As my mind has produced them

The bodies act as containers

For the voices that come out

Yelling and screaming

I’m pursuit of fear

The voices that haunt me

That torture me day and night

They keep me awake

Heartless yet calm

I recognize these voices

They’re people I know

All tortured but so am I

They feel so near

But yet are so far

I want to help but I can’t

So restless they push on

I’m trapped here

And I can’t live like this

It’s torture really

I can’t help you

I’m sorry



Photo by Jakayla Toney on Unsplash

The hearing ear

The seeing eye

The feeling skin

The thinking mind

The smelling nose

And the tasting tongue

While the seeing eye weeps

The feeling skin feels your burning tears

While your thinking mind fills with sorrow

The hearing ear hears you cry

While the tasting tongue savors your salty tears

The smelling nose smells them

These are the six senses

Hard at work

To help

To see

To guide



Staring down at my paper

eyes filled with tears

watching as they drip down

like a frozen faucet

on a post — Winter’s day



I try to answer

“Please Select One”

But I’m both



The ink starts to run

but I won’t choose one

I select both



So here I am

My olive skin

My fiery heart



I have to accept it

I won’t favor one

I don’t choose one



So here I am

Still different

Still alone

Still Mixed



Charlotte Stubing

Charlotte Stubing

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