5 Ways To Tell That The Antivirus Program Is Actually A Virus

1. It Says Childish Words In Their Company Name

Seriously the first sign of a cheesy website or program should always be if it says words like “Buddy” or “Friend”. Good programs for your computer should always be a serious name, not an amateur name. Now if the name has alliteration you should look it up instead of making an assumption.

2. It Says You Have A RIDICULOUS Amount Of “Problems”

If your computer is working fine and you get an alert from your antivirus program that says you have like 272 problems yet your computer is not laggy, slow to respond, crashing, or giving you an alert then you are fine and it might be a virus.

3. On Recommendations Its Says How To Remove The Program When You Look It Up

This is very rare but trust people you don’t know if their idea matches about 300 more ideas that say “REMOVE IT NOW!!!” You would look stupid if you didn’t.

4. It Looks SUPER Outdated

If a program looks outdated, it probably is a virus. Do not click on the fix issues button. The program might be created by hackers who do not know how to do convincing graphics and instead of modern day style, it looks like something from an 80’s website. If you feel uncomfortable using it because of it’s bad graphics. It is fine. And trust your judgement okay?

5. It Makes You Pay For The Scan

If you have to pay for a troubleshoot, chances are that the creators just need money so they give you a shitty job of trying to find the problems, and needs money so they TELL you that there are problems, and then makes you PAY to SCAN it when your computers’ troubleshooter works better and it is NOT 100 dollars.



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